Public Transport


On Saturday night 14th July, at the end of the fireworks, the following special services will be arranged from Venice.

Special trains to Mestre and the main towns in Veneto

On 14th and 15th July the Actv public transport services change as follows. The waterbus and bus services are increased after the firework display.

The Actv waterbus routes No. 1, 1/, 2, 2/, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, N will be changed (see, @muoversivenezia and AVM Venezia Official App).

In summary, the changes will be as follows:

Route 1: Saturday: from around 8.00 pm service only between S.Zaccaria-Lido; Sunday: service normal;

Route 1/: Saturday and Sunday: service suspended;

Route 2: Saturday: from around 7.30 pm limited service between Rialto-Giudecca Palanca, from 8.17 pm the service will stop at San Stae; Sunday: service normal;

Route 2/: Saturday: suspended from 9.00 am; Sunday: service suspended;

Route 3: Saturday and Sunday: departure times will be changed (see notices at the waterbus stops or;

Route 4.1-4.2: Saturday: from around 12.00 pm service limited to Redentore - Giudecca Palanca and S. Zaccaria. The routes to and from S. Zaccaria will stop at Lido S. Maria Elisabetta and routes to Redentore-Giudecca Palanca will stop at S. Basilio; Sunday: service normal;

Route 5.1-5.2: from 11.30 am service only via the Grand Canal and will stop at Accademia; Sunday: service normal;

Route 6: Saturday and Sunday service suspended;

Route 7: Saturday: first service from 11.11am; Sunday: service normal;

Route 8: Saturday: afternoon service suspended; Sunday: service normal;

Route 10 (weekday service only): Saturday: service suspended;

Route 13: Saturday and Sunday all services will be operating vessels carrying up to a maximum of 40 passengers, except for

services departing from F.te Nove at 04.05 pm and 06.05 pm and from Treporti at 05.05 pm and 07.05 pm, which will be by “vaporetto”/waterbus. Departure times will remain unchanged;

Route 14: saturday: from 5.50 pm modified service with terminus at S. Elena; Sunday: service normal;

Route 15: Saturday: from S. Marco -S. Zaccaria “A” services at 3.14 pm and 4.44 pm, after which service suspended, from Punta

Sabbioni services at 5.15 am - 6.59 am - 7.29 am - 7.59 am - 8.29 am - 8.59 am - 10.29 am - 10.59 am - 3.55 pm;

Route 16: Saturday and Sunday: regular service, after the fireworks will be operating an additional service at 1.00 am;

Route 17: replacement service between Lido S.Nicolò and Punta Sabbioni from 8.50am of Saturday until Sunday evening;

Route 18: Saturday: from Lido S. Nicolò leaves at 6.40 pm instead of 6.20pm and from S. Erasmo Forte Massimiliano at 6.55 pm instead of 6.35 pm; Sunday: service normal;

Route N (night service): in the night between Saturday and Sunday: service operating in the section Lido-S. Zaccaria, Rialto-Giudecca Palanca and Zitelle-S. Zaccaria. Moreover, to ensure the performance of the Redentoreregatta, the Redentore waterbus stop will be closed from 3.30 pm to around 6.30pm, and some Giudecca Palanca / Sacca Fisola services could be delayed and some stops not in use. There will be regular service on Routes 9, 11, 12, 22, Notturno Laguna Nord, Notturno Murano.

People Mover: in the night between Saturday and Sunday the service will operate until 2:50am (last service from Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto).



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